4 comments on “Help for the Clueless

  1. Yea! Another awesome story to go with an unforgettable piece of work. I can imagine Tony all too clearly contending with the clueless, having seen it myself on more than one occasion; having been it myself on more than a few. Glad I am that she’s never resorted to the Klu x 4. “The Look” is always enough to get my attention. I don’t suppose THAT would translate into an amulet, would it? Here’s hoping.

  2. ROFL. Nice:) I can see it now:) Tony never took any shit and I always wondered where the clue by four came from. Thank you, it brought a much needed smile to my face.

  3. Ahh the clue fairy, a hilarious yet necessary icon for the bewildered, the slow witted, and even the vapid (yes we all know at least ONE). I am glad to finally learn the story behind the symbol. I imagine an entire animated series spinning off of this! Hours of entertainment (without the bruises!) LOL.

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