About Amulets by Merlin

Amulets by Merlin a custom Jewelry and Sculpture company owned by Kirk McLaren.  Kirk has designed the majority of his work with the exceptions of the custom work for others placed in his line of products.

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Founded in 1985, after years of study of art and design through private teachers on a variety of subjects, Kirk’s debut was the first of the Tarot Casters.  Much of his custom work has been seen in film, used in fundraisers, special pieces for clubs, churches and other organizations.   He provides shields to authenticate the magic tables of Losander; creates the designs of Isaac Bonewits; creates the band jewelry of Sea of Souls and more.

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3 comments on “About Amulets by Merlin

  1. Grande borne! Agradecimentos para tomar o momento de escrever algo que é realmente leitura do valor. Demasiado frequentemente eu encontro a informação inútil e não a algo que é realmente relevante. Agradecimentos para seu trabalho duro.

    • Historicity, there is no reference to a “Talisman of Merlin”; however since the popularity of movies and television there have been several. There are also “Talisman of Merlin” cited in various novels dedicated to Merlin and (in some fictional tales) his Daughters.

      According to some historians, Merlin was more of an office than a person, so in fact there may have been a talisman handed down from one “Merlin” to the next.

      In T. H. White’s book: “The Once and Future King” Merlin is referenced as a man who was trained in the old religion and embraced the Christian influence. This seems historically correct in that at the time of the first wave of Christendom, the Celts embraced the religion because most of the ethics (and some of the lore) matched the Old Ways. It wasn’t until the second wave of Christendom when the social structure was toppled by the wave of Christians who slaughtered the old Women and young men in order to supplant the culture and gain access to their lands and workforce.

      If indeed Merlin was one of the people caught in the first wave, then he was a living bridge between cultures, gods and people. I would imaging his talisman would represent such of bridge of lore and understanding, possibly something new and different; although I have no resources to tell me otherwise. Unfortunately, the “Talisman of Merlin” may be only considered a modern Homage to this almost mythical Man.

      More about Merlin may be found Here.

      Thank you for writing.

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