2 comments on “What is an Amulet?

  1. How do I decide which amulets would be best for me? I know this sounds like a weird question but everytime I read one of your blogs I want to buy that one and this one and the other one. So I guess the better question is, where and how do I start?

    • The first step is to answer these questions:

      Where am I?
      The position you are currently holding you your life: career, relationships and space

      What am I doing?
      Your current projects, whether you are working on a project for home, school, work or your spiritual activities.

      These first two questions will give you a barring as to where you are or if you indeed know the answer. If you are unsure of these answers, then look to the nature of what you are asking. If it looks like the process will take a while, then you will need help: counseling of one form or another is a good start. To help you keep on track and amulet would be useful to clarify (Magi) generate balance and discipline: (Justice) or the endurance to discover the answers (Strength).

      The next question is:
      What do I want to accomplish?
      If you are cramming for a test: the High Priestess is the amulet of Memory. If you are setting up a new living space, then the Chariot would be ideal. If you are focused in independent studies, the Hermit would be of assistance. The Hierophant for Teachers, the Empress for Mothers, Sweethearts and Musicians would find the Lovers a powerful way to express themselves. In each entry I have listed several examples as to what kind of focus these pieces may have. In some cases I have used several on once to develop chords of intent, harmonies of purpose just as you would see in a Tarot Reading.

      The trick is to first be clear as to where you are and what you are doing, then to determine what you want to accomplish. From there we can work out what is best for you.

      If you have any more questions about selecting an amulet, please feel free to email me at merlin@amuletsbymerlin.com.

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