One comment on “Merlin’s Trillium Amulet

  1. Wow…what an incredible piece! I am amazed at how my hands vibrate when I see your work and read your emails…most awesome! You have been given an incredible creative gift and I thank you for choosing to share it with the world! I am excited to receive my hermit amulet. Blessings!

    On Jun 18, 2015 8:14 AM, “Amulets by Merlin’s Blog” wrote: > > Amulets by Merlin posted: “A friend of mine asked me to make a special piece for him. He did some sketches and after a little discussion I was able to create the Trillium Amulet. In his own words: “I am very blessed by the people in my life. Several months ago, I was loo” >

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