4 comments on “The PAX Amulet

  1. Good day!This was a really excellent subject!
    I come from roma, I was fortunate to come cross your blog in google
    Also I get a lot in your Topics really thank your very much i will come daily

  2. Mary Kay Lundmark comments from Facebook:

    “That symbol is actually called a Chi-Ro — after the 2 Greek letters that comprise it. They are the first 2 letters in the word Christo, or Christ, and this symbol has been used by Christians since the 4th century, when the Emperor Constantine reportedly had a vision of it that led him to convert to Christianity.”

    • Thank you Mary Kay, it is good to see a number of interpretations for this symbol. I found another comment from Facebook which lends an interesting take.

      From Leila MoonDancer: “Its also a bindrune. the “P” is wunjo, for joy, and the “x” is gifu, for gift/exchange.”

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