3 comments on “Ouroboros Penannular Brooch

  1. This Ouroboros brooch has really peaked my interest. Although you have previously made and Ouroboros ring (and possibly other pieces as well) I must admit that I do not know this story. So, who is Ouroboros?

  2. The Ouroboros is a symbol that is seen in many cultures: a snake or “worm” that is biting it’s tail. It is one of many symbols that represent the infinite, only in the sense of the way consciousness works. Carl Jung writes extensively about the symbol in myth and dreams, but where many folks “see” it is disguised as a belt around the waist of the Magician in the Tarot. One sees in in images of the Knights Templar, Egyptian, Greek and other cultures: constantly re-creating.

    If there is a “who” of Ouroboros, then perhaps it is all of us when we reach the state of mind where we find ours selves in an endless cycle of recognition of who we once were and how far we have come…

  3. That was an excellent explanation. I guess I imagined Ouroboros to be more of a Iconic figure rather than a representation of our consciousness. But then I suppose that is the basis of most Icons anyway, the archetypes of humanity and all our dreams and nightmares. I am always drawn to the circular motifs because I have always believed that the circle represents the truth of all things- that there is no beginning and no end. Once again, Merlin, your amulet hits the mark!

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