3 comments on “Penannular Brooch

  1. Merlin
    These Amulets By Merlin Penannular brooches are another example of your fine craftmanship. I love the celtic knot work design and it makes me want to buy a cloak so that I can wear one. You are right about the smaller penannulars being great for keeping a scarf in place…perfect for the ladies. The penannular brooch instructional video was very helpful in demonstrating how to use the brooch. Thanks for being a jewelry craftsman that creates video examples to explain your work…a truly original idea!
    Keep up the great art.

  2. Another example of your beautiful work! I love penannulars and I am starting something of a collection, as I love shawls and ruanas (almost a cloak) for everyday wear and I wear my cloaks for special occasions. Penannulars are very practical as well as beautiful – and they hold up to the thicker woolens of ruanas and cloaks and knitted shawls much better than regular brooches which generally aren’t wide enough and when they are, they are too heavy.


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