5 comments on “05 The Hierophant Amulet

  1. I have a friend who’s birthday is in a few weeks and I would love to give her this as a gift because she is a teacher and as you said in your blog this would be a good gift for someone in this field of work. My problem, which I’m hoping you can help me solve, is that she doesn’t really know anything about the meaning behind your amulets nor does she know how to embrace the power of an amulet. Can you suggest how I might give this to her as a gift so that she’ll not only understand “roots” this beautiful piece of jewelry, but also how to use it’s beauty and meaning to empower herself? I’m new to this type of thing and don’t know if my question is silly or not. I would just like to give her this really cool gift without having to refer her to your blog. HOWEVER, I’m hoping, that my gift will inspire her to make a connection with this type of thought and be curious enough to become one of your fans, like I have.

    • This is not a silly question at all.

      It really depends on the person you are describing. If she is of an open mind, you may explain to her what the basic symbols mean: the circle of spirit, the hand of blessings and the roots indicating a solid foundation. To experience the concept of this amulet you can show her an exercise used in Yoga, Martial arts and a host of other disciplines: Grounding.

      Find a still place where you are comfortable, breath deeply with eyes closed: allow yourself to settle into the chair. Visualize yourself growing roots through the chair into the ground and deeper. Then project all your static and unwanted energy through the roots and down. Take a deep breath, let it out allowing yourself to relax, tension flowing out and down.

      After this exercise your friend will feel better. It is like cleansing the pallet after a spicy dish. Once done thoughts and perception become clear. It is in this state where you can become a conduit for prayer and meditation; coming in touch with your inner Hierophant. The Hierophant Amulet is a symbol and tool of this experience.

      Each of the Tarot Amulets is accompanied with a small card illustrated and illuminated with prose about the Amulet received. With the amulet, card and your loving attention, I am sure that she will treasure your gift.

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