7 comments on “03 The Empress Amulet

  1. I think this would also work well as a fertility amulet for someone trying to become pregnant. I associate The Empress with the ultimately strong woman, as a higher octave of the Queen of Pentacles, so aspiring women politicians might find it useful too.

    • Well put, Isaac! The first eight of the Majors are all “archetypical” in nature, thus may be used as symbols, goals or heroic figures to aspire to. Particularly for those in the Supernal Triangle (the first portion of the Tree of Life) Fool, Magi and Empress form an alchemic formula from which “all things are created”: Inspiration, Focus of Will and Imagination. I recall in your book: “Rites of Worship” you discuss much of the same things without the Tarot Imagery. Harnessing these archetypes as amulets may be very potent for those who choose a “Magickal Life”.

    • Years ago, I gave my Mother a copy of the Empress in gold. she later told me that she treasured it more than most of the gifts I had offered her because of the concept as well as the design. As a professional artist, she offered her approval. As my Mother, she gave me a hug.

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