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    • Thank you!

      It has been a lot of work, but I had help from my friends! Michael Woody was a trooper, creating several of the animations that I so treasure: the clouds crossing the moon and the wheat field being two of the more impressive animations – not to mention the water flowing through out the worlds. My buddy Allyn was the real goad to us all. He introduced us to the engine and taught me how to create the assets and make them fit properly into the proper angel to fit into the world. Although it looks like the majority of the world is complete, I still have a few ideas about what I would like to present: creating a moving Tarot like this has been a desire for years. Thanks to Raph for creating a tool to create this and the other virtual world where we can make such art happen! MetaPlace Rocks!

      Not to mention the cod busting you did for me Robert! The Virtual Jewelry cases would never be the same without your fine eye and steady hand.

  1. This is so cool that this deck can be read by the blind, is your blog also accessible to them via audio? I find this connection between touch, sight and reading tarot cards a very magical extension of the ideas you have explained. Maybe I’m wrong, again I’m new at this. I think you should get your words HEARD so that more people with visual impairments can benefit from your cards. Kewl stuff!!

    • There are a few programs out there for the blind to “read” the internet. One of the reasons I decided to blog in the first place is that it is hard to communicate imagery without the text. My dear friend Michael Woody suggested that blogging would allow better access for the visually impaired.

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