19 comments on “Skull Jewelry

  1. K,

    I think this is a cool new direction to go with the business. Hopefully, in these blogs, folks will come to realize the value of your experience as a fine arts craftsman.

    Or hey, everyone, check out the work for yourself


  2. I love your money clips! I use the dragon one all the time and get lots of comments on it. Right now, it’s holding a collection of cards that I couldn’t cram into my wallet. Much more beautiful than a simple cardholder. 😀

  3. Have you thought of making actual drums to sell? Or, do you know someone who makes drums who would be willing to give you a percentage for selling them on your website?

    • Indeed! I have been doing “drum repair” for some time, and as to selling drums, my friend “Shorty” imports them from Ghana by the truck load. My friend Bezel makes ’em from scratch, starting from a tree trunk. In fact, one of my favorite drums I play is one he made from an Ash tree. Thanks for the input!

    • I have been doing “drum repair” for some time now, however the finest drums I have ever seen made are those of Bezel. My favorite drum I have is one he carved from the trunk of an ash tree. The sound is amazing, touch is perfect and light for it’s size. I understand he is also creating electric guitar bodies now too.

  4. Kirk, Mickey Hart,one of the drummers for the Grateful Dead, collects drums. Do you think he might be interested in buying one of Bezel’s drums? Just a thought. Clif

    • If Mickey Heart ever played one of Bezel’s Drums, I’ll bet you couldn’t take it away from him! As a Craftsman, the Beezel Drums are the finest I have ever seen. As a drummer, it would seem that the man grows extra arms!

  5. I would talk to your Deadhead friends to see if anyone knows how to get Mickey Hart’s attention. This might just work.

    • Yes indeed!
      I can cast in copper and brass, however I try to focus on Gold silver and Bronze (NuGold) to produce items that will stay bright and shinny, Brass and Copper have a tendency to tarnish easily with wear or in salt heavy climates. In the case where someone really wants the other metals, I can accommodate easily.

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